Halloween horror nights page.

Definition or meaning of a halloween horror night.
What is a halloween horror night?
A halloween horror night is what many seek in the month of October. An evening in which a ghost or spirit of a departed person that manifests itself in some visible or audible form is often called a halloween horror night. Legend has it that three ghosts haunt this haunted location at 1433 N. Main Avenue in Scranton, Pa. An exciting evening is presented there and although it is not its purpose as this is a year round seance event, many attend this as a halloween horror night. The ghost of murdered Walter Roberson, the ghost of his wife Martha, who murdered him and then committed suicide and the ghost of their daughter who was electrocuted there. Haunted! Mind Mysteries & THE Beyond! is America's leading halloween horror night. The Pennsylvania Department of Tourism picked this location as "one of the most haunted places in Pennsylvania!

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